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Winners of the "Hip, Hip, Hurray!" Keepsake Quilt Challenge

Oh, the stories that quilts can tell! The quilts that we received as entries in the latest Keepsake Quilting challenge "spoke" of so many reasons for celebration. We had quilts celebrating women and friendship; weight-loss quilts that tickled the funny bone; a quilt honoring the 100th anniversary of Fenway Park, home of the Boston Red Sox; and a quilt celebrating the tenacity ....read more

See photos of our Summer Tent Sale, 2012

Summer Tent Sale time! Keepsake Quilting's 2012 Summer Tent Sale was held on June 1st and 2nd, 2012. As usual, what a sale it was! We all had a great time and it sure appears that our customers did too! ....read more

Winners of the "Create a Botanical Keepsake" Quilt Challenge

Last spring we found such a lovely large-scale botanical print with big butterflies and birds that we decided to include a special 24" x 44" cut in the challenge Medley, along with five coordinating fat quarters. We were eager to see what quilters would do with that botanical print, and we certainly weren’t disappointed. Our judges were Judy Sabanek, founder of Keepsake Quilting, accomplished quilter and quilting instructor Denny Stringfellow and award-winning quilter....read more

Winners of the "Create a Log Cabin Keepsake" Quilt Challenge

When we issued a Log Cabin challenge, we fully expected to receive lots of wonderful traditional quilts. After all, the Log Cabin pattern is perhaps the most popular and recognizable pattern of all time. What we didn't expect was the amazing number of creative interpretations of the Log Cabin theme. Every single quilter, from beginner to expert, added... read more

"Common Threads No More!"
By Alison Dea Bolt

Quilters have always had a love affair with fabric. We easily succumb to its lush colors and infinite patterns, but thread? Not so much. For ages we kept it in the background; reliable cotton in basic colors, working hard, totally ... read more

Winners of the "Create a Landscape Keepsake" Quilt Challenge

We could never have imagined the incredible variety of landscapes we would see when we issued our challenge to Create a Landscape Keepsake. There were lighthouses, sailboats, sentimental fishing spots, a backyard tree swing, a tropical beach, Mount Rainier, and even an outhouse and the Brooklyn Bridge. And to show... read more

Secrets of Fabric Quality & Pricing
By Jim Salinas

I’m often asked, “Is there really any difference between the printed cottons found in chain stores for $2.99 to $5.99 per yard and those found in quilt shops and the best mail order catalogs for $7.99 to $9.99?” You bet there is! Premium brands start with high quality greige (gray) goods. Premium greige goods have a thread count of... read more

Winners of the "Create a Beautiful Bali Keepsake" Quilt Challenge

We were so happy that we let the entrants in our latest challenge choose whatever theme they liked. All they had to do was use Bali fabrics to interpret that theme. As a result, we received an amazing variety of designs. There were Eastern-inspired quilts, tropical quilts,... read more

McKenna Ryan visits Keepsake Quilting
By Bonnie Knott

For years the Keepsake Quilting catalog has carried the popular designs of McKenna Ryan, who, using her fusible machine-applique McKenna Ryan technique, has brought natural realism and detail within the reach of even the beginning quilter. This summer we were so lucky to have McKenna travel east to visit Keepsake Quilting in person.

  On Friday, August 6th, 2010 McKenna taught the ... read more

By Alison Dea Bolt

Long ago, our foremothers bonded by swapping stories with friends as they sat around a quilt frame each weekend. Today, packed calendars and the... read more

Fabric Quality Matters
By Alison Dea Bolt

Love those good goods! I’ve heard that “love is blind;” so’s the love of fabric. In both cases, finding what’s right for you can be frustrating and labor intensive. When I was looking for love, I knew exactly what I wanted: someone gentle, strong, and attractive—someone whose integrity I could count on. Oddly, those are exactly the qualities I now demand in quilting fabric. Unfortunately, like my dates... read more

Please, Please me!
By Alison Dea Bolt

Although love means never having to say you’re sorry, being in customer service means always having to say you’re sorry!  I just couldn’t handle it.  I’ve been married 31 years. “It’s my fault” and “I apologize” simply aren’t phrases my lips form easily.  Let’s face it... read more

Scrap Happy
By Alison Dea Bolt

I was taught never to waste anything, especially food. Leftovers, no matter how small, were always kept. Three creamed onions, half a chop-someone might eat them. Only after they grew green fuzz was I allowed to dump them. I treat fabric leftovers... read more

Bali Handprints

The lush tropical island of Bali is famous the world over for beautiful fabric designs produced by hand. The fabric is either painted with dyes or batiked, or made using combination of both processes. Some designs have as many as five different techniques to create the finished piece.   The fabrics displaying traditional batik patterns are created ... read more

Keepsake Quilting visits the Vermont Quilt Festival

On a bright, sunny Friday in June, 2007, a few of us avid quilters from Keepsake Quilting traveled through the picturesque rolling hills of Vermont to the 31st annual Vermont Quilt Festival held that year in Essex Junction. Keepsake Quilting was proud, once again, to help sponsor ... read more




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