Catalog Key:

The catalog key is found on the back cover of your catalog.
It is printed in the shaded box on the left hand side of the mailing label, just above where your name and address are printed.
  Coupon Code:

It you have received a coupon from us, such as in your Keepsake Quilting Club, there will be a number printed on the bottom center of the coupon to identify it. Please enter that number for the coupon code. If you get a message that the coupon is invalid:                                
      1. check coupon number                                
      2. Make sure coupon applies to the type of item you're ordering.                                        
      3. If question contact Customer Service at                     1-800-525-8086 or customerservice@keepsakequilting.com
  Reward Points:

If you are a Keepsake Quilting Loyalty Club member, log into the website and you will be able to see and use any reward points you have accumulated.
  Gift Certificate:

If you have received a gift certificate from us, there will be a number printed on the bottom left. Please enter in the Gift Certificate Number box. If you have a question contact customer service at 1-800-525-8086 or customerservice@keepsakequilting.com
 Gift Certificate
  Promo Code:

If you have received an email or coupon that features a special promotion, there will be a promo code specified. Enter this code and the special offer will be applied to your order.

This allows you to choose the color, size or style of the item you are ordering. Please click on the box and then make your selection.