Keepsake Quilting - Amish Black - 3 Yard Cut

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Be assured of the perfect deep, rich, true black (without hints of brown, gray or blue) when you choose Amish black. The fabric pack is precut into a handy 3-yard x 44" size. You’ll have lots for the sashing and borders of a quilt top or will have plenty to have on hand.

Fabric Type: Solid
Fabric Size: 3 yards x 44" wide


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Definitely black; it has a sheen

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This is the first time I've bought Keepsake Quilting's Amish Black. It's got a sheen to it. I imagine this could be good for some uses of solid black. I was assuming a matte black. It does have a nice hand. I'm sure I'll enjoy using it -- I was just surprised by the shine.

Need to state texture of Amish Black


My first time buying Amish Black. I wish they told you it was shiny, I also assumed it was cotton matte- Keepsake response: Thank you for your review! We agree, our black is the perfect deep, rich black that has a slight sheen and makes all other colors pop when used together.

Fabric has a sheen!


I am just making my purchase of this now so am only giving a star-rating because it is required. and I'm happy to know it does have a sheen. But I wouldn't have known this had I not troubled myself to read the reviews, which I don't normally do.

May I suggest you include the fact it has a sheen in your description of the product. It is an important factor regarding the fabric. Thank you. I will definitely make my purchase.

Nice, solid black

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This is a true black. I don't think the sheen is distracting. If it didn't have a slight sheen, I don't believe it would be a true black. I don't think the sheen will distract from your quilting purchases, but only you will be able to determine that. Perhaps if they offer a swatch, you could order that if sheen is an issue for you. I am very happy with my 3-yard purchase.



I just love this fabric have brought many times .

Greatest Solid Black Fabric

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This fabric is great for a "true real deep black color", has a sheen which is even better. I prefer this fabric for all my black quilting needs.

Amish Black Fabric / Best fabric!

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This is the best black fabric I have ever bought, and the ONLY one I will ever buy over and over again. It is of high quality and so pure BLACK.