Jingle Tree Ornaments Kit By Penny Marble

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Create fabric bells that will look stunning on your Christmas tree with this kit. The quilted bells are made in a variety of shades of blues, reds, and greens, to complement any holiday décor. This is a fun project to tackle with kids, and it can be immensely satisfying to see your own creations hanging from the boughs!

These handmade Christmas ornaments will become treasured heirlooms. Not only is it an easy project to complete, no matter what your skill level, but it can also add vintage charm to your holiday decor. The kit comes with the designer's full instructions and all materials needed to complete six different ornaments, including ribbon, beads and bells!

Project: Decor
Designer: Penny Marble
Skill Level: Easy
Time to Complete: Afternoon

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Tedious, time consuming, and would be quite frustrating for beginners


I bought three different Penny Marble Ornament kits; I’ve only made her star ornament so far. I needed clamps to hold the pieces together for every step and time for each step to dry to strength before doing the next step. The supplies provided were way too scanty for a beginner to complete. For example the instructions called for cutting a 3"x5" piece of three layers (fabric, card stock, fabric) bonded with heat and bond into 12 - yes 12 - 1/4" x 5" strips with a rotary cutter!! now let me tell you how hard that is to do even for an experienced quilter with plenty of good measuring and cutting tools. No extra at all. The end result will be cute and I may make more using the technique and pattern and my own materials, but I will cut 1/4" strips from a larger rectangle of bonded materials and then cut those strips into the smaller lengths.