Stitched Textiles: Landscape Softcover Book By Kathleem Matthews

Utilizing a unique method that combines quilting, dyeing, and stitching techniques, the projects in this book teach intermediate to experienced embroiderers and quilters how to create beautiful landscape quilts. First listing the materials are needed, the guide then goes through the design process, from taking reference photographs of landscapes to composition, identifying the light source, and choosing fabrics and thread to create the scene. Simple dyeing methods are explained, as are ways to transfer designs on to fabric, create a quilt, then layer fabrics to create the various parts of a picture. Free machine embroidery is then used to create the desired effect, with hand embroidery sometimes employed for details. With plenty of information on creating landscape elements such as water, skies, trees, hills and mountains, fields, flowers and buildings, and more, there is also advice on how to depict the four seasons. There are five gorgeous step-by-step projects—Autumn Woodland, Flowers in a Landscape, Mountain Scene, Sunset on Water, and Lavender Field—and the book is filled with beautiful landscapes to inform and inspire textile artists.