Aspiring Star Sampler - Block of the Month Pattern - Pattern Only

Michelle Renee Hiatt and Lynn Wheatley join forces to create a beautiful sampler quilt featuring 12 different Aspiring Stars. This Block of the Month is designed to introduce new techniques each month that build on prior month’s lessons. Over the course of 12 months, participants will build their skills and knowledge of bucket-list techniques while mastering the Studio 180 Design tools.

Each Block has an individually 4-page (or 6-page ) colored Booklet offering:
- Step-by-step instructions and graphics for both right handed and left handed quilters, with complete tool instructions - no redirect to tool instructions.
- Professional graphics and professionally printed on heavy stock – binder worthy!
- New Techniques with each of Block that build on previous month’s lesson.
- Multiple techniques for each of the required Studio 180 Design Tools.
-An inspiring monthly quote to go with each Aspiring Star.

Aspiring Stars Sampler Block of the month also includes a 16-page colored Finishing Booklet, offering two quilt setting options. You can choose your favorite or make/offer both! Both settings require a second version of Block 3 to be made, which is included in yardage. Aspiring Star Sampler utilizes the Studio 180 Design’s Tucker Trimmer I, Wing Clipper I, Square Squared, V Block, and Rapid Fire Lemoyne Star. Quilter’s Magic Wand and Tucker Trimmer III is recommended. Take the Aspiring Star journey and explore these fabulous block, inspiring lessons and exciting new ways to use the tools. Entire Series Set Ships at once.

Shop cutting Guide available with the proof of purchase of 10 BOM sets through Can be made with any fabric line, however Fabric SKU for Island Batiks foundation and Jewel Cravings are available through Island Batik or Michelle Hiatt. Featured in Island Batik's FW2021 Catalog

* Printed Paper Pattern
* Final Product: Quilt
* Technique: Standard Machine Sewing
* Skill Level: Confident Beginner