Circa 1930 Medley Of The Month

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Delight in the bright and cheery small-scale floral and novelty prints that added a bit of sunshine to the lives of depression-era quilters. As a member of the Circa 1930 Medley of the Month Club, each month you’ll receive six fat-quarter reproduction fabrics from the 30’s (and occasionally 20’s and 40’s) based on a theme or color. Also included will be history or inspiration for the collection. 

Fabrics you receive may not be as pictured but will be beautiful reproduction fabrics to add to your stash.

When you join the Medley of the Month Club, your credit card is charged $17.99 monthly. Shipping in the U.S. is $3.99* per month (*excluding first month, regular shipping charges apply to your first month order). Canadian shipping is $6.99, and international shipping is $8.99 per month.