Creative Grids Low Shank Machine Quilting Tool Shorty

1/8in thickness for Low Shank machines.

Hand-sized is the perfect size, at least when it comes to machine quilting with rulers at home. Designed by machine quilting teacher and author, Angela Walters, Shorty is just the right size to get the job done without being too big and cumbersome.

* Creative Grids® grip to ensure the tool doesn’t slip while quilting.
* Black and white dashed guide lines are visible on all fabric colors.
* Palm-sized tool allows you to keep control, helping prevent broken needles or crooked lines.
* Curved edges allow for versatile designs.
* Needle stop notches help you stop in the right spot every time.

Use it for:
* Straight line quilting
* Concentric Squares
* Border designs
* Stitching in the ditch
* Geometric quilting and more!

Total Size - 4in x 4-1/2in