Happy Quilts! - Softcover

Dolls, teddies, robots, bears and more spring straight from these whimsical quilt projects for bedding and buddies everyone loves.

Author Antonie Alexander's quirky, vibrant quilts are designed with matching softies--portable, loveable buddies--that not only coordinate with the quilt, but carry the warmth and comfort of your little ones' own special rooms wherever they go.

Cheerful, adorable crafts that kids will love!

Childhood is supposed to be magical. Instead of generic bedding, add some whimsy to children's bedrooms with fanciful quilts and huggable pals that looks like they jumped right off the fabric. From playful puppies to retro robots, this fanciful collection from author Antonie Alexander offers easy-to-follow directions for making one-of-a-kind creations!

Inside you'll find:

10 themed quilts with more than a dozen matching stuffed toys.
Basic quilting, piecing, applique and finishing instructions.
A CD-ROM with quilt templates and full-size soft toy patterns.

Don't want to color within the lines? Happy Quilts also includes tips on personalizing projects for your little one. Sew cute!

144 pages
Release Date: 6/7/2016.