Jim Shore's Storytelling Quilts for All Occasions

Quilting isn’t just a hobby – it’s a special tradition that is passed down from generation to generation. Whether the fabric used is from a grandmother’s wedding dress or a child’s favorite T-shirt, every quilt tells a unique story. In collaboration with his wife, Jan Shore, Jim Shore’s Storytelling Quilts for All Occasions pays tribute to the sentimental value quilts hold, while offering 24 of Jan Shore’s stunning quilt projects – including all-new quilt designs in this updated edition – to create an heirloom of your own! Featuring clear instructions, helpful diagrams, and full-size quilt patterns, also included with each project is a charming, personal backstory, a sketch replicating the pattern by Jim Shore, and beautifully staged photography of Jim’s iconic artwork that perfectly complements every quilt design and captures a complete aesthetic. Perfect for any sewing and quilting enthusiast, this heartfelt guide is a must-have source of inspiration that puts an emphasis of love, family, and tradition in the timeless hobby of quilting. 182 pages

* Pages: 182
* Author: Jim Shore
* Publish Date: 03/01/2022
* Softcover