Karen Kay Buckley Perfect Adjustable Square


This package includes: 4 corner units, 4 one inch, 4 two inch, 4 four inch and 4 eight inch pieces. These pieces snap together similar to a puzzle piece. It will allow you to build a square from 4", the inside of the square is in whole numbers, and up to a 24-1/2in square, the outside is in 1/2in increments. You can easily use your rotary cutter along the outside of these acrylic pieces.

Newly added is Karen Kay Buckley's Adapter! The adapter allows you to make the interior square adjustable from 5-1/2in up to 21-1/2in and the exterior square adjustable from 11in up to 26in, whole numbers. The adapter is a slightly different color so that it stands out from your other pieces. Also included is a red felt pouch to store all of your pieces.

One of the most feared steps, related to appliqué, is when you have to square the finished applique block. I, like many other appliquers, prefer to cut our background fabric larger and then square the block to size when the applique is complete. The reason I have always hesitated at this step is....what if I do it incorrectly and have to make the block over again. With the Karen Kay Buckley's Perfect Adjustable Square™ the fear is removed.

This product is also great for squaring all kinds of projects including t-shirt quilt blocks.

*Color: Clear
*Made of: Plastic
*Use: Quilting Ruler
*Size: From 4in to 24-1/2in
*Included: 24 pieces and felt pouch