On the Wind by Jill Finley 50wt 10 Small Spools

Jill Finley’s latest collection with Riley Blake Designs is one that she designed with kids in mind… youthful and fun. On the Wind is based on an activity that she has enjoyed with her kids
and grandkids over the years– that of folding paper to make simple toys. Paper airplanes, paper pinwheels, and even paper kites, there is a simple joy in making them yourself with paper and sticks and string. Add some wind to these homemade toys, and you have a childhood pleasure. Young or old, the child in all of us will enjoy this fabric collection.

Jill’s complementary thread set features 10 small spools of 50wt thread. Perfect for piecing, quilting, and appliqué, this box will quickly become a sewing room favorite!

* Color: Various
* Made of: Cotton
* Use: Thread Collection
* Includes: 10 Small Spools of Cotton 50wt in colors 2912 2840 2725 2710 2435 2415 2410 2130 2123 & 2024