Orchard by Jill Finley

In the Spring, all of the orchards near Jill Finley’s home are bursting with blooms. Each branch and twig explodes with petals, creating a carpet of color on the hillsides and little valleys across the landscape. This will lead to the green leaves of summer, and eventually a sweet harvest of apples, pears, peaches, and cherries. Local fruit stands and farmer’s markets will be loaded with the bounty of the orchards.

For her Orchard collection, Jill chose a palette of leafy greens with cherry pink, soft apricot, sunny yellow, and crisp whites. Her coordinating Aurifil thread collection boasts 7 small spools of 50wt in complementary hues. This collection will surely inspire you to create something sweet and fresh to bring that orchard feeling into your home.

This set includes one spool of each of the following colors: 1114, 2886, 2115, 2420, 2410, 2430, 4020

* Colors: Assorted
* Made of: Cotton
* Use: Thread Collection
* Size: 50wt
* Included: 7 Small Spools