Patchwork Skull Enamel Pin

ORIGINAL Sewhungryhippie CANDY CRUSH 2.0 enamel pin that GLOWS IN THE DARK! REAL engraved patchwork squares in multiple colors! This is the quilt and pillow design in a mini - miniature form. Double prong backing for extra security, and engraved on the back with "sewhungryhippie" so you know it's an original, one of a kind, limited edition pin. Approx 1.5in tall and a little over 1in wide. GLOWS in the dark - be sure to put it under a lamp or in the sun for a little bit so it can absorb the photons / wavelengths of light it needs to SHINE! Recharges with light.

* Made of: Metal and Enamel
* Size: 1in wide x 1.5in tall
* Use: Jewlery