Quilting in the Coop

This book features 14 patterns in a 36 page full color book. The patterns included are:
- Flower Patch (15"" x15"" Quilt)
- Irish Blessing (7 1/2""x19 1/2 Framed Wool Applique)
- Welcome to All (14""x17 Framed Wool Applique)
- Bizzy Bee Wool Candle Mat
- Bizzy Bee Pin Cushion
- Grandma's Kitchen (22""x22"" Redwork Quilt)
- All Around the Hen House Quilt 62""x73""
-Stars and Stripes Table Runner
- All American (85""x85"")
- Carrot and Catnip (Stuffed Prim Bunny and Cats)
-Little Star (14 1/2"" x 14 1/2"" Quilt)
- Bloom Pillow (14"" Round Flower Applique Pillow)
- Laundry Fun (11""x30"" Applique Curtain or Framed)
- My Garden (Towel Stitchery)"