Riley Blake - Legends of the National Parks - Postcards - Sienna - Anderson Design Group

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The artists of Anderson Design Group have spent years documenting the wilderness and wonder of America's National Parks. They've explored the nation's most cherished public lands. During their adventures in the parks, they've also come across some pretty exciting legends. They've heard horror stories about strange creatures that others have seen or heard. They've uncovered tall tales of unexplainable events, ancient myths and local stories passed down by Indigenous Peoples, colonial settlers and park visitors. What creation will you make filled with wonder and adventure?!  Repeat size is 18.5" x 24".  The repeat is 5 postcards x 6 postcards.  The postcard including the cream border is approximately 3.4" x 4.5".

Collection: Legends of the National Parks
Designer: Anderson Design Group
Manufacturer: Riley Blake
Manufacturer SKU: CD13281-Gray
Fabric Type: Print
Fabric Size: Sold by the Yard

• Width: 42" - 44" wide
• 100% Cotton