Sew Fussy Ruler

Never has adding the charm of "fussy cuts" to your quilt project been this easy! The Sew Fussy Ruler makes this once time-consuming chore fast and accurate! The need to continually turn your fabric this way and that for each design is eliminated! With the Sew Fussy Ruler you only turn your fabric once to capture all the designs you require and your cuts are perfect!

The tool combines precise markings with cutting slots on a crystal clear acrylic ruler. You simply select the fussy cut design from your fabric and place the Sew Fussy on top of it, centering your design in the correct size of the marked square. Trace the design with the provided pen. Use your rotary cutter to slice the two sides. Continue to move the Ruler, placing your tracing over each fussy cut design you require and slice both sides.

Now erase your tracing and turn your fabric. Move the Ruler to your design, align the Ruler's marked lines with your cut sides and retrace your image. Slice both sides - you have now cut the perfect square for your fussy cut! Continue to move your Ruler to each design and slice both sides.

The Sew Fussy includes markings for fussy cuts in these universal sizes: 2.5 inch, 3.5 inch, 4.5 inch, 6.5 inch, and 9.5 inch.

A China Pen is included with each Sew Fussy Ruler. This Pen makes a vivid impression on the Ruler's smooth surface and is easily removed with a paper towel.