Sookie Sews Large Ring 4in Micro Tip Scissors

Sookie Sews Special Edition Large Ring Micro Tip Scissors Elevate your sewing and crafting toolkit with the must-have Sookie Sews special edition Large Ring Micro Tip Scissors! Designed for Precision: The 711 Micro-Tip Scissors were meticulously designed with large rings and micro tips, offering the perfect solution to various needle art challenges, as requested by sewing industry educators. Versatile Tool: These micro-tip scissors are your go-to time-saving tool for appliqué, sewing, quilting, and embroidery projects. Use them to snip tiny, hard-to-reach places, poke through fabric, trim tight threads, or create buttonholes with ease. Unmatched Sharpness: When you need sharp, fine-pointed scissors, there's only one choice - the Micro-Tip scissors. Their precision is unrivaled. Large Rings for Easy Use: The large rings on the handles ensure quick and effortless maneuvering in and out of the scissors, making your tasks more efficient. Upgrade your sewing and crafting game with the Sookie Sews Special Edition Large Ring Micro Tip Scissors. Experience precision, versatility, and unmatched quality in one handy tool.

* Made of: Steel
* Use: Cutting
* Size: 4in
* Includes: One Pair of Scissors