Strip Therapy 11 - Softcover

This fun collection of 6 quilt designs is based upon Hoffman Fabrics 2 1/2" Bali Pop strip sets. You can substitute other "Jelly Roll" pre-cut strips or cut your own strips from your own stash of fabrics. The collection of quilts is a blend of contemporary and traditional inspired designs that can be pieced in a weekend. Quilt projects include: Doppler Effect - 70" x 80" using Bali Pop Breakers; Flames - 70" x 80" using Bali Pop Kool Aid; Crosshatch- 70" x 80" using Bali Pop Taffy; Houndstooth - 76" x 93" using Bali Pop Liquorice; Inner City - 60" x 69.75" using Bali Pop Red Hots; Sherwood Forest - 56" x 64 5/8" using Bali Pop Caramel.