Words to Live By Taupe Fabric By The Yard

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The Jaye Bird collection designed by Kori Turner Goodhart for Windham Fabrics is inspired by her daughter and is reminding you to never quit and to remember that you make ordinary days extraordinary! The whimsical prints include wise owls and other lovely birds, florals, doodles, stripes, inspirational words and each print has a secret meaning. Kori leaves blank spaces on some of the prints so you can interact with the fabric by writing your own inspirational words or filling in with someone's name that makes your life extraordinary. You can even hand embroider over the writing to highlight the words or phrases that mean the most to you.

Collection: Jaye Bird
Designer: Kori Turner Goodhart
Manufacturer: Windham Fabrics
Fabric Type: Print
Fabric Size: Sold by the Yard

• Width: 42" - 44" wide
• 100% Cotton