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11-10-18 update: Millie is out of operation for a while!
Millie, our longarm quilter, is not operational at this time, so we won’t be taking any quilt-finishing orders right now. We’ll let you know when she’s up and running again. Thank you for your patience.

Let us do the finish work for you!

At Keepsake Quilting we pride ourselves in 1st quality product and craftsmanship. The same philosophy applies to our quilt finishing program, available through our retail location.
We will use only first quality thread and the finest batting to finish your quilt, as it is your masterpiece. We use only 100% organic cotton batting. We also use Superior threads noted for their high quality.
Below is a sampling of pricing based on cost per square inch. Prices do not include batting or thread. Let us finish your quilt today. Contact Libby Morrill to get started. We also rent our longarm machine.

Design Options per Square Inch

Allover design moderate density pantograph- $0.035
Allover design dense pantograph -$0.040
Custom design repeat blocks including border turn- $0.06
Custom design different patterns in blocks and/or pattern manipulation-$0.075

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why do loose threads on the back need to be trimmed?
First, if there are several threads tails on the back of the quilt, it could be stitched into the quilt and cause lumps to form. Secondly, a single thread of a dark color can show through a light background and distract from your work.

Why does the backing have to be 6 inches bigger than the quilt top?
This allows us to pin the backing on the machine (top and bottom) and attach the clamps (side to side) which keeps the backing taut while quilting.

Approximate Prices for Finished Quilting
Size 36 X 6056 x 7863x8778 x 8784 x 92106 x 98
Square Inches 2160436854816786772810388
 Price Sq/In.      
Simple Pantograph$0.035$76.00$152.88$191.84$237.51$270.48$363.58
Complex Pantograph$0.040$85.00$175.00$220.00$270.00$310.00$415.00
Custom Design/Repeat Blocks, including border turn$0.060$129.60$262.08$262.08$407.16$463.68$623.28
Custom design/ different patterns in blocks and/or pattern manipulation$0.075$162.00$327.60$411.08$508.95$579.600$779.10
    For more information about designs and thread colors available, contact Libby Morrill.

Longarm Machine Rental Certification

Certification Class

The Certification Class is essential and a must in order to rent our APQS Millennium machine. Our certified APQS associates teach the class on a one on one basis or in a group setting of no more than 4 people. The class will typically take about 4 hours. The certification class fee is $150.00 paid in full the day of the class. A 50% deposit is required and is refundable 48 hours prior to the class.

Class Topics The class should accomplish the following:
  1. Familiarize the customer with basic machine operation, including
    1. Machine Safety
    2. Button Functions
    3. Threading
    4. Tension Adjustment (including bobbin case adjustment)
    5. Bobbin Winding (if you choose to allow the option of self-wound bobbins – keep in mind that this may add to some tension issues if the student is uncomfortable unfamiliar with making tension adjustments).
  2. Introduce basic quilting skills
    1. Secure stops and starts
    2. Pantograph set up and alignment
    3. Simple overall quilting (meandering, for example)
  3. Explain and demonstrate the correct quilt loading and unloading procedure
    1. Have a practice piece pre-loaded on the frame to help introduce machine operation as described above
    2. Review how to attach leader grips to quilt parts students should bring a small baby quilt, batting and backing to class on which to load on the machine.
  4. Allow hands-on practice time for each student to prove proficiency operating the machine
    1. Each student attaches his/her small practice piece and executes a very large pantograph to practice (this is a practice – not an heirloom.)
  5. Review (and signing) of the Rental Agreement and Policy Statement
  6. Presentation of Certification Certificate or Card

Recertification Class

This class helps renters who have been away from the machine for a while re-gain some experience. It can be optional for renters who simply want a refresher before starting, but is mandatory for anyone who’s been away from the machine for more than 6 months. The average The Refresher Class cost is $50.00 and will cover:
  1. Button Functions
  2. Threading
  3. Tension Adjustment
  4. Quilt Loading