Monterrey Medallions

From the author:
This winter, I traveled to Mexico for the International Quilt Guild of Monterrey's annual seminar. I was welcomed by a diverse and fun-loving group of quilters. Some have lived in Mexico for years, while others were brand new to the country. These women have found many creative and resourceful ways to adjust to their new life in Mexico, so it was not surprising that they found so many different ways to interpret the medallion quilt! One idea led to the next and the next... and in the end, no two quilts looked alike.

Whether you choose the Simple or Challenge version of this quilt, you can arrange your blocks any way you'd like. Follow the layouts given or take off on your own "Mexican adventure" ... either way, your destination will include a wonderful quilt.

• use fat quarters for easy fabric selection
• quilt projects in three sizes
• choose the simple or challenge version
• arrange the blocks any way you'd like