You’ve completed the quilt top, now let us help you with the back! With our WIDE selection of 108-inch wide backings, we have the perfect finishing touch for your quilt top. You've spent so much time and energy on piecing the top-- you don't need to add more work to piece your backing. We have a seamless solution to get your quilt top ready to be loved and cuddled faster. All of our wide backing fabrics, both traditionally and digitally printed, come from top-quality brands you love in various colors and shades. Our quilt backings are cut with an additional 4" to guarantee that you receive a true usable 108″ piece of fabric.


Don’t make backing an afterthought, select a high-quality wide back backing fabric that will last for generations to come.


What is a Back Pack?

Keepsake Quilting’s Back Packs are 3-yard cuts of 108″ wide fabric, precut and ready to go! They measure 108×108″ and are the perfect size to have on hand for your next project as it will fit quilts up to a 100×100” King size.


How are wide backing fabrics printed?

High-quality wide backing fabrics are put through a process called, reactive printing. This differs from pigment printing that lower quality fabrics receive because of its colorfastness, which is the key factor in a print’s longevity. In pigment printing, inks that contain the color bind to water. This allows the inks to effectively sit on top of the fibers as it is printed. The colors are then fixed to the fabrics after printing by baking. Pigment inks give a very strong light fastness, but have poor color fastness in subsequent washes. In the process of reactive printing, the fabrics are pre-coated before printing. After printing the fabric is steamed, which creates a reaction that dyes the fibers. The fabric is then laundered and ironed. Reactive dyes have a very good color fastness when being washed later because of this steaming and laundering in the finishing process. Reactive dyes are used in fine fabrics, such as silk, as they are less prone to bleeding than pigments. This reactive process found in our high-quality wide backs enable your quilt to be loved the way it was meant to be for years to come.


How much wide backing do I need?

Our Back Packs are the perfect size for most quilts, up to a 100×100”! Need more than 3 yards? No problem! We also sell all of our wide backings by the yard online at

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