Here’s a helpful tip for your sewing room: Always keep a few spools of neutral-colored thread in your stash—think creams, whites, and a few shades of gray. They go with so many different colors, so if you ever run out of thread mid-project or you really want to start sewing without having to stop and buy thread, having these colors on hand is a smart idea.


Guess what? The same is true for neutral-colored quilting cotton. 


Think about how many times you’ve used cream or white quilting cotton. It pairs with loud prints for half-square triangles, and it complements nearly any fabric for the background or backing. Now imagine having a bolt of this fabric in your sewing room, one that you could unroll yard by yard whenever you need it. Sounds convenient, right? It’s also highly cost-effective.


When it comes to quilting, 10 yards of fabric is not an astronomical number. King-size quilts often require nearly 10 yards just for the backing. So when you think about it, buying by the bolt is not a bad idea. 


Here are some more reasons why it’s helpful to have a bolt of neutral-colored fabric in your sewing room at all times.


- It’s easy to store and stays nice and neat on the bolt. Whenever you need some yardage, just unroll it a little!


- If you feel the urge to improv quilt, you’ll always have material on-hand.


- If you sew clothing, you can use it for muslins or test garments.


So the next time you find yourself needing a neutral-colored fabric, do your future self a favor and buy the bolt. It’s the perfect basic at only $5.49 a yard for either Cottonball or Snow both Century Solids by Andover Fabrics!

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