5-1/2in All Purpose Craft Scissors

These Scissors give you easy, clean, controlled cuts.
Hand-crafted razor sharp blades – Cuts all types of fabrics from light to heavy.
These scissors have a razor edge grind blades resulting in a cut like a hot knife through butter.
Versatility – These scissors help complete you’re sewing, quilting, and crafting projects with ease.
These little but powerful scissors are perfect for stencils and detailed crafts.
Famore – #719 scissors might be small but are powerful scissors useful for stencils and detailed crafts.
Power-lock Screw – So scissors can be adjusted after sharpening or repaired, giving these scissors a long lifetime and making potentially a new family heirloom. (Screw can be lubricated with sewing machine oil)
All purpose can mean messy projects,
So our All Purpose Scissors are Forged from the best German stainless steel also makes them: Non-allergenic, Easy for cleaning and care.

* Made of: Metal
* Use: Scissors
* Size: 5-1/2in