Cometa Table Lamp

Cometa is a table light unlike any other. This elegant and contemporary lamp emits a focused task light as well as a warm ambient light. The task light utilizes our innovative Ray Technology™ which enables light to be directed forward without angling the lamp so you can read, work or hobby without disturbing anyone else in the room.
Choose from 2 color temperatures when using the task light - daylight (6,000K) and warm light (2,700K) - and add ambience to your room with the soft glow from the illuminating shade.
The adjustable shade height, variable brightness, USB charging port and a Color Rendering Index of over 95 make the Cometa a truly beautiful, versatile and highly functional lamp.

* Made of: Metal
* Color: White
* Size: 9.84in x 17.32in x 25in
* Included: One Lamp
* Primary Use: Lighting