Creative Grids Machine Quilting Tool Petunia


This Machine Quilting Tool is pretty as a flower! Designed by machine quilting teacher and author, Angela Walters, Petunia is the perfect tool for creating curvy flower shapes, perfect circles and more. You can quilt along the outside edge to create stunning floral shapes, or quilt along the inside edge for beautiful circles and arcs. You can even combine the two to create even more designs for your quilt top! To learn more, view a video demonstration. Features: * Creative Grids® grip prevents slipping while you quilt * Black and white dashed lines that are visible on all fabric colors * Palm sized tool allows maximum control, preventing broken needles and crooked lines * Needle stops for quick repositioning Use it for: * Flower meanderings * Flower motifs * Border designs * Circles * Arcs * Stacked clouds and more. Total Size – 3-5/8in X 4-5/8in.