CutRite Slit N Sew Split Virginia Snowball 6in Finished Template

Our patent-pending Slit 'N SewTM method represents a truly revolutionary improvement by allowing curved piecing to be done quickly and easily each and every time! Using the CutRiteTM Slit 'N Sew templates, simply use a rotary cutter to make small cuts that are precisely located on the templates. Then proceeding a slit at a time, line up the next slit from each piece that is being pieced together and sew to that slit. The result? A perfect curved piecing job in no time!

• No tedious and time-consuming pinning!
• No paper piecing!
• May be performed by quilters of all skill and experience levels.
• Works for non-curved shapes such as diamonds and tumblers - just match the slits and the points line up automatically!
• Ideally sized to work with standard pre-cuts, such as 5" and 10" squares, or use with other fabric that you have.
• Easy to see fluorescent green acrylic color!
• Includes CutRiteTM HandiGrabber material to keep template securely in place.

The Split Virginia Snowball template set (2 templates) is the same as the Drunkard's Path template set except that the B ("L" shaped) Drunkard's Path template is divided in half. This allows you to create some amazing designs! And, with the Slit 'N Sew method, you'll have no trouble piecing everything together quickly and easily!

* Color: Green
* Made of: Acrylic
* Use: Quilting Template
* Size: 6in Finished
* Included: Two Templates