Drink Cozy Pre-Cut Batting 8-count

Use the Drink Cozy Pre-cut Batting to quickly make a cute cozy. 1 package makes 8 cozies.  Batting is 100% Cotton.  Start with 2 pieces of 15in x 6in fabric rectangles.  Place the right sides together. Place one piece of Drink Cozy Pre-cut Batting on top of the fabric (it should be touching the wrong side). Place a piece of adjustable mask elastic  between the fabric, with the loop to the inside. Then, using a 1/4 inch foot, stitch inside the edge of the shape of the batting. (Leave an opening for turning). Turn right side out between the layers of fabric and top stitch around the cozy. Place your button according to the size of your cup. If you place buttons on either side of your cozy, the cozy is reversible. The mask elastic will adjust to snug up against your button nicely.  * Made of: 100% Cotton * Needle Punched * Does Not Contain Scrim * Loft: Low