Famore Shariki Kitchen Shears

Since 1998 it has been our mission to produce the highest quality cutting tools. We have applied these years of expertise to our new Shariki kitchen Shear. Our shears are coated in a high-grade titanium. This coating ensures a long-lasting tarnish free shear. Our shears come serrated for a more precise cutting action and sharper blade. These shears are made to last. Not only is it made of a high-grade German stainless J2 420 stainless steel, we also offer a lifetime of sharpening on these shears. Nothing stays sharp forever and knowing this we have acquired the skills and knowledge needed to recondition and sharpen all our shears. Better yet we will not charge you an outrageous fee to do this. All it costs is the shipping to us and the shipping back.

* Made of: Steel
* Size: 10-1/2in x 4-1/4in
* Use: Scissors