Fiskars 65mm Heavy Duty Comfort Loop Roatary Cutter

By Fiskars
Great for home décor and DIY projects, Fiskars® Heavy-duty Comfort Loop Rotary Cutter with a 65 mm blade makes cutting a variety of thick materials comfortable and easy. Featuring a premium steel blade for long-lasting sharpness, this heavy-duty cutter powers through thick fabrics, batting and other DIY project materials with ease. A curved shape with a loop handle feels natural in your hand, while Softgrip® touchpoints add enhanced comfort and control. Its versatile design also allows the user to assemble the blade on either side, providing excellent visibility for both right- or left-handed users. It also includes a sliding button that extends the blade during use and retracts for safe storage.

* Made of: Metal and Plastic
* Use: Rotary Cutter
* Size: 65mm
* Included: One Rotary Cutter