Fiskars 6in x 24in Acrylic Fashion Colors Ruler

By Fiskars
Our Acrylic Ruler features easy-to-read grid lines that make cutting strips of fabric from the bolt a snap. It also includes broken grid lines for easy visibility of fabric edges and optional non-slip vinyl feet.
- Cut fabric strips up to 6in wide directly from bolt
- Broken grid lines and easy-to-read measurements make measuring quick and accurate
- 30-, 45- and 60-degree line indicators make it easy to cut at perfect angles
- Optional non-slip vinyl feet can be added or removed without damaging the ruler
- Made of 3 mm-thick acrylic for lasting durability
- Lifetime warranty

* Color: Clear
* Made of: Acrylic
* Use: Quilting Ruler
* Size: 6in x 24in
* Included: One Ruler