Four Textured Loop Strap Connectors Rose Gold


Save time and stop making fussy strap anchors by using these extremely easy-to-add Textured Loop Strap Connectors. These connectors are very strong and they add a high-end finish to your bag! This purse hardware works beautifully with purses, totes, and handbags made from quilter's weight cotton, cork fabric, vinyl, leather, Kraft-Tex, canvas, and other bag making materials. All of the components to create 4 strap connectors are included. Make sure your bag is properly interfaced and stabilized before and after inserting this hardware. These metal anchors accommodate 3/4in wide purse straps. Connector is 30mm wide x 92mm long; 4ct package.

* Color: Pink

* Made of: Metal

* Use: Strap Connectors

* Size: 30mm x 92mm

* Included: 4 Strap Connectors