Kaleidoscope Bag

Arrange your 2 ½” strips in a kaleidoscope of colors for a stunning zipper top bag.
Perfect for a stylish handbag or a project bag, or a sock knitting bag. Oh the possibilities!
Bag can also be made from whole cloth, cork or even Minky Luxe or Snuggle!
14” wide x 8” tall x 4” deep Pattern includes 2 handbag stays
Other Products used:
Aunties Two 24” Handbag Zipper with Double Slides in 19 colors ATZ24
Bosal’s Katahdin Batting Pre-cut to 2 ½” 25 yard roll (#390K-25)
Bosal’s Soft Handles (Item #493-02)
Bosal’s IN-R-FORM PLUS (#493)