Mini Iron II With Assortment of Tips

Clover's Mini Iron II is an extremely versatile sewing and crafting tool. The breadth of its applications is limited only by the requirements of the task. Actually we're still finding uses for this valuable tool. Some you might consider are:

The chevron shaped tip is ideal for fine seams and is especially adept at narrow hems, tight corners, points and any place with limited access. A larger chevron shape is supplied for those applications with a little more surface area or access.
Fine hems, small diameter tubes and fabric folding can be effectively pressed with the slim line tip.
Ironing decorative ribbon or appliqué in place is a snap. The maneuverability of the iron and the size of the tip allow you to easily see and precisely place your embellishments. You no longer have to be satisfied with any unsatisfactory results or start over and "re-do".
There is a knife tip for slicing and sealing many craft materials. The ball tip is a natural for shaping curves in fabric or other craft materials. Think flower petals.