No-Sew Knitting

Knitting garments in one piece, whether that be from the top down, the bottom up, the center out or side to side is a great way of making knitting a more enjoyable experience (and banishing the stress and fear of ruining a project.) This is author Christine Boggis' philosophy behind her new book. She began her knitting journey because she wanted to make things she couldn't find in the shops, but now it is something she does to relax. In times of stress, anxiety, depression or social unease, the soothing movements of yarn and needles calms her. The sense of purpose knitting gives her relieves feelings of being out of place, and it's simply a lovely thing to do.

No-Sew Knitting contains 21 projects for clothing, accessories and homeware for both adults and children, which do not require any sewing up. Each project is difficulty rated, making it easy to select based on time and/or ability and there are a wide range of yarns and sizing options to choose from. Each technique is clearly explained with easy-to-follow illustrations. Alongside the patterns there are useful measurement diagrams and tips to help the reader. It is also packed with beautiful and helpful photographs.

This is a book for those who love the soothing benefits of knitting, but get in a tangle when it comes to sewing up. These patterns will welcome respite from the hassle of joining seams and the laborious stitching up.

* Pages: 152
* Publish Date: December 2022
* Dimensions: 8in x 10in x .7in
* Softcover