Ruler Square In A Square 9in x 12in

The original square in a square technique ruler is now packaged with a pattern book called Quick & Easy Quilts using the Square In A Square Technique. The original ruler is an all time favorite, and has a new look. Pattern includes 5 options, 21 blocks and 6 patterns.

Here are just a few things that the Square in a Square ruler does:
Square in a Square - to make a square in a square, this is the only way to do it. Start with a square in the middle and sew strips on the side. Four easy trims to get the square in a square that you need. This is what we call Option 1 of the Square in a Square system. Make them in ANY SIZE.

Flying Geese - the best flying geese ruler on the market. Makes ANY SIZE of them with speed and accuracy two at a time. When you use our fast strip piecing method, you should easily make 25 to 100 flying geese in one hour getting them to the point that they are ready to sew. This is Option 3 flying geese of the Square in a Square technique.

Half-square Triangles - this same ruler will make half square triangles four at a time in ANY SIZE. As a bonus, you can make them all the same color, all different colors or any combination. When you get these cut into the sizes you want, they are ready to go; no dog ears and no papers to peal and no need to square up. This is Option 4 of the Square in a Square technique.

Template itself measures 9in x 12in