Select Print & Piece Fuse Lite 20in x 10yds

Ideal for turned edge applique and English paper piecing! This fiber-based foundation gives solid yet soft support for detailed or heavy stitching and the temporary fuse keeps fabrics from shifting or pulling. The fibers of Select Print & Piece Fuse Lite are partially water-soluble; simply dampen the stitching lines and the foundation is removed easily without distorting stitches. For paper or foundation piecing: If possible, set your printer’s paper feed settings to “Decorative or Heavy Paper.” If your printer does not have this setting, load only one sheet of Print & Piece at a time. Copy or print your favorite foundation or paper-piecing pattern directly onto Print & Piece stabilizer. Cover the numbered sections as directed with your favorite fabrics until the block is complete. Remove the stabilizer: once the stitching is complete, lightly dampen only the stitching lines with a wet sponge or cotton swab – the stabilizer tears away gently without distorting the stitches! You can alternately leave the stabilizer within the block completely. When the quilt is laundered, the water-soluble fibers will dissolve and the non-soluble fibers will leave behind a very subtle loft. Create a test block with this method before applying it to an entire quilt to make sure you are happy with the results! For stabilizing decorative or satin stitches: Place one layer of Print & Piece directly under fabric and stitch. To remove the stabilizer, lightly dampen only the stitching with a sponge or cotton swab – the stabilizer will pull away without distorting delicate heirloom, satin or decorative stitches!  * Non-Woven * Not Fusible * Weight: Midweight * Single Sided * Washing/Drying Instructions: Cool water and low drying temperature recommended. Press using a medium setting on your iron.