Sweet Tooth - Softcover

"Turn those luscious bundles of pre-cut fabrics into yummy quilts in no time with these six terrific patterns by Daniela Stout of Cozy Quilt Designs®. With full-color illustrations and clear, concise directions, Sweet Tooth is sure to be your go-to ""cookbook"" for pre-cut squares, strips, and charm rolls.
Sweet Tooth is also the perfect book for combining those bundles for fantastic results. Inside you will find tantalizing patterns like:
- Slice n Serve for 2-1/2in strips, 5in squares, and 10in squares
- Dripped Icing for 2-1/2in strips and 10in squares
- Electric Mixer for 2-1/2in strips
- Loaf Cake for 5in squares and 10in squares (or just 10in squares)
- Tube Cake for 2-1/2in strips
- Snack Attack for bundles of either 5"" strips or 6in strips

BONUS Three of the six patterns (Electric Mixer, Tube Cake, and Snack Attack) use Daniela’s most favorite tool on the planet: The Strip Tube Ruler™. Whether you have the ruler or not, the tube technique is wonderfully fast and fun. And if you do have the ruler, you now have three new ways to use it!"