Thread Doodling

Calmness and creativity couldn't be more easily fun. With 1 needle, 15 stitches and 2 hoops, embroider over 20 different designs, fitting either a 5in or 3in hoop, to discover your creativity in your calmness. Containing 32 pages of transfers.

Over 20 different contemporary embroideries to transfer and stitch, plus 11 extra transfer designs to get your creative juices flowing! With just a needle and selection of threads, you can gently create a stunning collection of stitcheries while relaxing after a long working day in the home or office. In Carina's latest book, she shows you how to 'doodle' embroider - lose yourself in your stitches and floss, and unconsciously form embroideries not only full of colour but your personality too.
To help you start your journey to original, personal doodle work, Carina has shared a variety of designs, ranging from formal patterns - such as geometrics, mandalas, labyrinths and knots gardens - to more experimental, free-form shapes that will encourage you to explore your skills and creativity. These feature more abstract designs, maps and sketch-style scenes. Finally, Carina takes you step by step through her own creative process in her 'Garden' embroidery sample, to show you how to start, work and finish a design, so you can see how to forge a unique embroidery yourself.
Each of Carina's designs includes photographs of the finished embroidery, a thread key, a stitch diagram and suggestions of how to work the design. In addition, Carina will give advice on how to rework her embroidery, to encourage your own creativity. At the back of the book, a corresponding transfer can be found so that you can easily draw the design outline onto your own fabric. Essential materials and easy-to-follow techniques chapters can be found at the beginning of the book, along with step-by-step diagrams for the 15 embroidery stitches used to make all the designs in the book - providing you with a fuss-free, colourful crash-course on how to start your embroideries. Finally, 32 pages (16 sheets) of transfers are included, offering variations and ideas for you to dive into and work up your own unique stitcheries! Calmness and creativity couldn't be more easily fun.

* Pages: 96
* Author: Carina Evoldsen-Harris
* Publish Date: 08/04/2020
* Dimensions: 8.63in x 0.28in x 11.13in
* Softcover