Yard Trios Monthly Club

Shipping in June
Subscribe to the monthly Yard Trios Club! Each month you’ll be shipped a unique Yard Trio made of coordinated fabrics in its own package. Each Yard Trio (Three different 1-Yard Pieces) is created exclusively for Club members!
  • Ships in its own packaging with extra goodies
  • Automatically renews each month, so you get something different every month!

When you join the Yard Trios Monthly Club, your credit card is charged $37.99 monthly. Shipping in the U.S. is $3.99* per month (*excluding first month, regular shipping charges apply to your first month order). Canadian shipping is $6.99, and international shipping is $8.99 per month. The exclusive Yard Trio made for the Box may be sold to the public at a later date if there are extra.