We are pleased to be apart of the Villa Rosa Designs Fast and Fun Blog Hop, a week-long blog hop that showcases 5 amazing patterns from Villa Rosa. After reading this post and entering the giveaway (yes!) make sure to checkout the other blogs on the hop to see what they've created and enter giveaways at each stop.

If you're unfamiliar with Villa Rosa Designs, it is the brainchild of owner and Rose Queen, Pat Fryer. Pat wanted to create Fast & Fun, affordable, and high quality patterns for quilters featuring precuts like 1/2 yards, fat quarters, 10″ squares, 5″ squares, 2 1/2″ strips, fat eighths, and fat sixths as well as other fabric cuts like panels and novelty fabrics.

Villa Rosa Designs has chosen 5 different patterns that use precuts which you buy right here on Keepsake Quilting or you may already have in your stash! Click the image or click here to purchase these 5 patterns from Villa Rosa Designs for $8.95 -- that's a fantastic deal!

We've worked with Villa Rosa Designs to show each of these 5 patterns in the Color Wheel collection by Robert Kaufman. Each one is stunning but don't take our word for it, take a look at these quilts yourself!

Snow Goose
Finished Size: 10" x 50"
Requires: (10) 2-1/2" Strips, 3/8 yd White Solid, 1/4 yd Binding
We've added solid black fabric to this 2 1/2" strips jelly roll pattern, easy to do with our Amish Black and it really makes those bright colors pop!

Finished Size: 54" x 57"
Requires: Dark Fabric = 9 Fat Sixths (12" x 22") or 18 10" Squares, Light Fabric = 9 Fat Sixths (12" x 22") or 18 10" Squares, 5/8 yd Binding
A simple solid black border is all we've added to this 10" squares layer cake pattern that really showcases the Color Wheel fabrics.

Hillside Charm
Finished Size: 50" x 68"
Requires: 23" x 41" Center Panel, (72) 5" Squares or (9) Fat Sixths (12" x 22"), 1 yd Frames, 5/8 yd Binding, Optional Border, cut 5" (1-1/4 yd)

Hillside Charm is made from what it sounds like a 5" squares charm pack plus either a 24" panel or your favorite yardage like we've done here with the Color Wheel line. If yellow isn't your favorite color, it's easy to imagine this with a color that is, centering your eye and drawing you in.

Finished Size: 45" x 54"
Requires: 10 Fat Quarters, 1/2 yd Binding
Perfect to pair with our 12-piece Fat Quarter Color Wheel Collection, the Nantucket pattern uses 10 fat quarters and 1/2 yard for binding to create this bright quilt you'll fall in love with.

Baby Zip Tease
Finished Size: 36" x 38"
Requires: (41) 5" x 5" Charms, 1 yd Background, 1/3 yd Binding

On this 5" squares charm pack pattern, we've paired it back with solid Amish Black for a truly explosive experience.

How about it for all these gorgeous quilts! The Color Wheel collection really shines in each of these patterns. Now onto the giveaway details!

All you have to do for the chance to win one of these prizes is comment on this blog post with the name of favorite pattern shown here! Entries must be submitted by Sunday January 29th 2023. One entry will submit your name for chance in all the prize giveaways.

(1) Villa Rosa Designs is graciously giving us a set of these 5 patterns to give away
(3) Individual prizes from a list of sponsors, this includes items like precuts, pattern books and notions
(2) Entered for Grand Prize Box. Filled with tons of quilting goodies including books, fabric, precuts, notions, patterns and more.

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Ms E in Tulsa said:

I love the Baby Zip Tease with the black and the bright colors!

Doris Gardner said:

I love the snow goose pattern! Your colors in the SWitched pattern are beautiful! Thank you.

Marvel Simmons said:

Love the black in Baby Zip Tease .. makes that quilt!

Paula said:

Love all the fabric color choices you all have made these wonderful patterns from…..my favorite is Snow Goose!

Joanna Perry said:

The first blog I visited had me loving Snow Goose, then I saw Hillside Charm and loved that one, and now I am loving Nantucket. The Robert Kaufman fabrics are gorgeous. Thank you.

Donna Preckwinkle said:

Baby Zip Tease is my favorite.

Dorothy M said:

Snow Goose or Nantucket are my favorites — but I really like all of the patterns.

Rita S said:

I really like Snow Geese. Can be made in so many different sizes. Even a Mug Rug. Love the colors used in the table runner.

Pat said:

I like the Nantucket pattern.

Debbie said:

I love S’wiched. Looks like a fast quilt.

Kathy Harris said:

I really like the Nantucket pattern and the hillside charm is great for panels.

Jocelyn said:

I like HIllside Charm and S’witched. Great giveaway. Thanks.

Susan Green said:

This is tough! I’ll choose Nantucket.

Donna Cutting said:

I like all of them, S’Witched and hillside charm.

Debbie Roseman said:

I really like the Baby Zip Tease! It hasn’t been a favorite for me before but these Robert Kaufman fabrics with the Amish Black really changed my mind. It was awesome to see the different quilts with the color wheel. Thank you for making all the patterns!

Roseanne said:

I have two favorites which are Baby Zip Tease and Snow Goose. Doing the FGs in black really makes them stand out so nicely. I guess that’s the same thing I’m drawn to in Zip Tease. Nice job. {{Hugs}} smile Roseanne

Michelle Boswell said:

I really like Nantucket! LOVE the bright colors 🥰

Faye said:

I think Nantucket is my favorite!

Kris Valle said:

In your chosen colors, Baby Zip Tease is my favorite. It is very striking!! Thanks!

Rochelle Summers said:

Snow Goose is still my favorite. I love all the bright colors in that collection and each quilt really shines with those fabrics.

Sharon Aurora said:

S’witched is my favorite.

Gaynel said:

Your quilts are full of color! I like Baby Zip Tease the best. I enjoyed reading your blog.

Patty B. said:

I liked that you showed us all 5 of the designs in that fabric. Thanks for sharing.

barbara said:

S’witched is still my favorite! You sure made all of them sing with your fabric selection!

Dawn F. said:

I really like the S’witched pattern overall. All of them have lots of great possibilities, but that’s the one that stands out to me!

Laura said:

All of the patterns are fun, but I think, at least today, that I like the bold Baby Zip Tease the best! :)

Kathy Cocker said:

My favorite is Hillside Charm but I really love them all. I especially liked the fabric you used and my favorite of the 5 made here is the baby zip tease.

Teri Morgan said:

Snow Goose!

Pam C said:

I love your Baby Zip Tease. Those colors and fabrics are so cheerful on this cold snowy day in PA.

Cathy Hepburn said:

I like Hillside Charm and have a couple of panels that I could use in it. Must get busy!

Sandra Walker said:

I love what you did with Nantucket, but they are all just so vibrant, I love them all!

BarbCorry said:

I want to make the Baby Zip Tease. Thanks

Sandi Scarlett said:

The Color Wheel fabric looks great in all of the patterns. I really like it in S’witched.

natosha m said:

My favorite would have to be the baby zip tease. So striking and awesome looking! It really catches my attention.

Chris K. said:

S’witched is my favorite.

Pat said:

Jo sent me. Hillside Charm caught my eye 1st.

Karen said:

Love Them all, bright colors.
Jo sent me.

Lana Drum said:

S’witched is my favorite pattern!

Linda K said:

The color wheel fabric really shows off these patterns. I like Hillside with the bright yellow center.

Lee said:

I am particularly fond of Nantucket! Thank you !

Dortha said:

Very pretty examples of the pattern.

Sandy Allen said:

Nantucket is my favorite but S’witch is a close second!

Teri said:

Snow Goose is my favorite of these

Molly said:

I love VRD patterns there is so many that I can’t pick just 1. I love how we can use them as stash busters, and that you can use precuts also.

Peggi said:

Love the brights! Switched and Zip Tease are my favorites. I’m making baby quilts for a military hospital oversease, and these are just perfect. Thanks for the inspiration.

Peggi said:

Love the brights! Switched and Zip Tease are my favorites. I’m making baby quilts for a military hospital oversease, and these are just perfect. Thanks for the inspiration.

Nancy Sumner said:

I like Hillside Charm. It is such a great way to use a panel and goodness knows I have a few of those on hand. Love all the beautiful adaptations with the Colorwheel collection.. Those really are striking.. Thanks for sharing!!

Phyllis said:

Live the Zip Tease with the black background

Diana Breed said:

They are all beautiful but my favorite is Hillside Charm.

Barbara Nicholls said:

My favorite VRD pattern is Gilda. It looks great in any fabric line. You can enlarge it very easily and looks great with borders.

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