10000 Crocheted Hats Book


10,000 Crocheted Hats is a fun and clever flip-page instruction book for designing and building your own unique headwear creations. This interactive crochet book contains photographs of different hat brims, bodies and crowns that can be combined in a total of 10,626 ways to create unique hat patterns. Once you’ve chosen your design, turn over the pages for the correct written pattern for that combination of parts. You can then use the handy embellishments section to add any extra features to the basic design.

The ultimate crocheted hat resource, there is something for everyone. Readers are able to easily craft something stylish, unique and personal. Features: follow-up to 10,000 Knitted Hats; 23 basic crocheted hat designs, with the potential to create over 10,000 unique combinations of brim, body and crown; clever and fun flip-page resource; includes a variety of techniques in a clear and easy-to-use format, suitable for all abilities; personalization - add extra features with a handy embellishments section; every pattern comes in three adult sizes.

* Publish Date: 05/28/2024