Church Ladies Quilts

For generations, ladies have gathered at churches to quilt. In Church Ladies' Quilts, the fifth and final novel in the East Perry County series, Kate Meyrs love for quilts convinces her to join the quilters at Concordia Lutheran Church in Borna. The ritual of their practices amuses Kate as she listens to their diverse personalities. It doesn't take long, after Kate joins them, for a mystery of a missing quilt to surface. The Pastor, who is dearly admired by the ladies, tries to keep the story quiet for the church s reputation. In the meantime, Kate s friendship with Clark is turned upside down and a new relationship appears with a red Jeep. Kate's research on Josephine is enhanced by discovering who has been putting yellow roses on her grave.

* Pages: 410
* Author: Ann Hazelwood
* Publish Date: 09/12/2017
* Dimensions: 5.5in x 0.8in x 8.5in
* Softcover