Classi Creations Cutting Mat 26in x 38in

Craft with Confidence with our Double-Sided Teal and Coral Mat! Elevate your crafting experience with our innovative Double-Sided Teal and Coral Mat, meticulously designed to cater to your every need. Crafted with precision and durability in mind, this mat is your ultimate crafting companion. Measuring at the true size of 26"x38", this mat provides ample space for all your projects. But what truly sets it apart is its ingenious features tailored to streamline your crafting process. Say goodbye to guesswork with our coded color lines. Black lines denote 1-inch increments, white lines mark 1/2-inch increments, and dotted lines signify quarter-inch measurements. With this intuitive system, precision has never been easier to achieve. But we don't stop there. Yardage measurements along the bottom of the mat offer quick reference for efficient cutting, saving you time and effort. No more fumbling for measurements – simply glance down and cut with confidence. And let's not forget the extended end cutting lines, designed to make your life easier. These extended lines ensure seamless alignment of your rulers, eliminating any guesswork and ensuring perfectly straight cuts every time. Craft with clarity and precision with our Double-Sided Teal and Coral Mat. Where functionality meets innovation, and crafting meets perfection.

* Made of: PVC
* Use: Cutting & Measuring
* Size: 26in x 38in