Embroidery With Buttons Book


Weekend Makes: Embroidery with Buttons is a delightful collection of 25 colorful embroidery projects which use buttons in an innovative and creative way.

Embroidery is an ancient craft that has been enjoyed and practiced for centuries, providing crafters with a relaxing and mindful activity to follow and create beautiful works of art using needlepoint and fabric. In this book, the talented embroidery expert Rosemary Drysdale shows readers how buttons can be incorporated into any design with 25 quick and easy projects that make great use of any spare buttons and fabric otherwise left unused in sewing kits. Projects range from beginner to intermediate, with each featuring easy step-by-step instructions which are all accompanied by illustrated techniques and beautiful photography.

Included in the back of this book are details of the techniques used as well as colorful templates that aim to make creating as relaxing and simple as possible. Features: 25 embroidery projects suitable for beginner to intermediate embroiderers; written by an accomplished and well-known embroidery expert; ideal for using up spare buttons; Includes full instructions, step-by-step photography and clear templates.

* Publish Date: 04/23/2024