Gemini LED Floor Lamp

Daylight delivers high contrast and accurate color matching while keeping cool. It's dual shades flex to wherever you need them to shine. With a slim structure and upscale design, the Gemini is also lightweight yet stable, it's flexible yet holds any position. This lamp from Daylight is the newest and most innovative floor lamp out there at 53" tall. The Gemini has 2 adjustable arms, 4 separate natural light settings, universal phone holder with USB port, and a custom carry bag allowing for safe and easy storage and transportation and breaks down into 4 separate pieces. It also comes with a custom carry-bag that not only allows for safe storage but also supports the mobility of the lamp. The Gemini is just the light you need whether you are blogging, recording your beauty tips, tricks, and fun, or just simply using for entertainment.

Technical Details
* Light source: LED
* Lumens 1,400
* Lux at 30cm 4,500
* Colour temperature 6,000ºK
* CRI: 80+
* Energy consumption 23W
* Colour silver & black
* LED rated life (hours) 50,000
* 4 steps touch dimmer: 900 – 1,700 – * * 3,500 – 4,500 Lux
* Maximum reach: 44 cm (17in)
* Height: 135 cm (53in)
* Width: 90 cm (35in)
* Depth: 57 cm (22in)
* Weight: 2.4 kg (5 lb)
* Cable length: 3.5 m (138in)

Key Features
* Flexible and removable mobile phone holder
* 4 brightness levels
* USB port
* Telescopic stand
* Flat and stable base