Low Melt Fusible Applique Thread 3280yds Tex 35 Black

Superior Low Melt is great for basting and temporary bonding. This fusible thread is 100% Nylon and fuses without the stiffness of adhesive web. Great alternative for fusible applique, especially when multiple layers are involved. For use in bobbin. 3280 yd cone.

Warnings: Not for use on a longarm ( the speed of the machine will melt the thread) Not for use as a top thread, it will melt to your iron when pressed. (Melting Point: 106C 228.2F) Dark Color will have slight variation in color depending on dye lot.

* Color: Black
* Made of: Nylon
* Use: Basting and Trapunto, Fusible Applique
* Size: 3280yds
* Thread Line: Charlotte's Fusible Web