Modern LeMoyne Star Quilt - Ellie Pineapple Pack Pattern


A Modern LeMoyne Star will shine brightly in any fabric group you choose. One Ellie Pineapple Pack plus backing and batting makes this 46" x 56" (approximate) quilt Add your favorite quilting technique for a personal touch.

Purchase the pattern from this page as a PDF download or get it as a free option with any Ellie Pineapple Pack purchase.

Note: Quilt backing for this pattern is not included in Ellie packs,

Skill Level: Intermediate


Please note if you purchased this pattern before 07/05/17 there was an error on the first three sentences of instruction #4. It should read: Use one 10" square in Fabric B and one in Fabric C. From each, cut two 5" x 5" squares. Pair each Fabric B square with a Fabric C square, RST.