Select Blend Batting Pre-Cut Twin 76in x 93in

Select Soft Blend Batting was created for machine or hand quilters who want to quilt and embellish without fear of distortion. This durable, yet soft batting features a light scrim (foundation) which helps to control stretching and movement during quilting and embellishing. This unique blend of cotton and polyester fibers has been needle punched offering superior support for your project. This quality batting has a smooth loft, with less resistance making it ideal for hand or machine quilters.  * Cotton / Poly Blend * Space Between Stitches: Up to 8-1/2in * Loft: Low * With Scrim * 3-5% Shrinkage * Washing and Drying Instructions: If pre-washing your batting is not desired, it is recommended to launder your completed quilt using the delicate cycle, cool water and a mild detergent. Let the quilt dry flat and naturally for best results. A slight wrinkled and antique effect will be the result.